Positano to Capri

It was our last morning in Positano so we awoke to experience every moment we could before leaving this paradise for another. 

The birds slowly began their concerto in the morning and the streets started waking before the sun fully rose behind the sea. 

If you love sunrises, I highly recommend booking a room at Hotel Reginella, best view in Positano! 

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The morning sky greeted us with a flaming orange sunrise that made it look like where the coast met the sea was on fire. Sunrise in Positano And the buildings started coming alive with a pinkish gold glow. Sunrise in Positano Sunrise in Positano Sunrise in Positano

A view I couldn’t get enough of. Each minute that passed the landscape evolved into something more magical and beautiful than before. Sunrise in Positano But after a quick breakfast in our hotel and a farewell cappuccino, it was time to climb the 348 stairs down to the beach one last time before shipping off to Capri. Positano Bucketlist We awaited by the sea for our ferry to come and take us to our next destination. Positano Bucketlist PositanoWith one final photo op (and an emergency cappuccino run) we boarded the ferry and set sail from our home for the first two days. 
Boat to Capri Boat to CapriPositano soon started blurring away like a fading memory and we focused ahead on new scenery and keeping an eye out for our new home amongst the Mediterranean. 
Boat to Capri Boat to Capri After 30 minutes of plowing through the deep blue sea, we got our first glimpse of our new home. Boat to Capri And started getting closer to port to see a familiar scene I had studied all too often before planning our trip: Marina Grande. Boat to Capri
Boat to CapriCapri has a long history of wealthy Romans vacationing there, with one of their “party hotels” left in ruins on the East side of the island. We couldn’t be more excited to jump off the boat and explore the island and what it had to offer. 

After a cable car ride straight up the mountain, a walk through the famous high-end shopping square we made it to heaven, er I mean, hotel: La Minerva
Hotel La Minerva Capri A boutique hotel that offered rooms with patios overlooking the pool below, complimentary breakfast every morning and at will room service at no extra charge! We had gone to vacation heaven. Hotel La Minerva Capri Our room had an attached balcony complete with lounge chairs, a view of the sea, the garden and the pool and so sweetly was a bottle of wine waiting for us when we checked in. 

Hotel La Minerva CapriHotel La Minerva Capri Hotel La Minerva CapriAfter a quick nap and a change of clothes we set out on exploring our new home. Island of CapriScouring restaurants and shopping spots to hit up later, and accidentally walking the long way around the island and up 1000 stairs. What’s fun about a vacation if you don’t have fun stories revolving around a wrong turn? 

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Island of Capri Island of CapriCapri is a beautiful place filled with gardens, history, charming people and gorgeous views. It’s no wonder people from all over the world travel here in the warmer months to enjoy in its splendor. Island of CapriIsland of CapriWe walked the entirety of Capri stopping only occasionally to breathe in the beauty of the island and it’s inhabitants. Island of CapriIsland of Capri Island of Capri Island of CapriIsland of Capri Spotting the famous Faraglioni on our accidental climb around the island. Island of CapriHad the weather held up for us on the next two days we would have boated down to them, but that’s another adventure to cover tomorrow. Island of Capri After two sore feet and some grumbling stomachs later, we headed back to our hotel to get some recommendations for dinner. 

One thing I can’t find more valuable in international travel is having an amazing concierge to help you while you’re there. At Hotel La Minerva we had the most spectacular concierge who helped us in every way possible. He spent an hour with us guiding us on our map of places to go and see while we were here and helped develop fun “rain plans” for if the weather didn’t hold up. 

This particular night he suggested a couple of places to go eat, two which celebrities frequent and one he said he would take his mother to. So we decided on the latter since we were trying to do the authentic Italian experience and ended up at Ristorante La Capannina. A wonderful restaurant decked out entirely in pink: on the walls, the booths, the chairs, the rugs, the table cloths and the napkins. La CapanninaA girly girl’s dream restaurant, we got to ordering as fast as we had sat down. Two glasses of local wine and a healthy plating of calamari. 
La Capannina Served with potentially the BEST, absolute best, marinara sauce I have had in my life. 

Followed closely with our dinner: truffle tagliatale in a creamy sauce for me, ricotta stuffed cannelloni for my friend and grilled and fried zucchini to split for the both of us. 

Hey we had walked around the entire village of Capri, we deserved it! La Capannina La CapanninaCalories don’t count on vacation do they? 

A spectacular day one in Capri capped off with a delicious meal and wonderful service. We couldn’t have asked for a better welcoming. 

See days one and two here. 

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