The Beaufort Inn

The drive down 20 from Atlanta to Beaufort, SC isn’t really the most exciting. There are a couple of routes you can take from Atlanta to get to this Seaside town but I find that although lacking in roadside attractions, the route through Augusta proves to be the quickest, therefore, my chosen route. After the four and a half hours had passed in the car, we pulled up to the most thematically and aesthetically pleasing boutique hotel: The Beaufort Inn

When you pull up to the hotel you’re immediately struck by how immensely it towers over the street. Set in the typically Beaufort style of houses where the first floor is raised and the attics stretch sky-high to combat the heat and humidity during Summer, it lends its façade to a soft pink adorned with green and white striped awnings. The South Carolina flag is hung proudly next to the American Flag, and hanging baskets of ferns entice you to come shield yourself under their covered porch.

However enjoyable it is to sit outside all day on the porch with some of the Beaufort Inn’s sweet tea and cookie happy hour, exploring the interior is more exciting for those who love three story staircases, wallpaper walls, and eccentric curtains. After checking in to the hotel and receiving our room key, we were directed to head straight through the back of the hotel where an elegantly wallpapered staircase waiting to be admired. I love the Southern tradition of wallpapering the statement staircase in a home and I’m excited that the trend is resurfacing in tasteful ways today.


After admiring the staircase, a little longer than one should, we stepped out the back door and into the humid air once more which yielded us to a shaded courtyard with pea gravel and ivy docked stairs leading to the cottages in the back. Each cottage comes with a little two-person café corner outside, and encourages you to get to know your neighbor by sharing porch time in the morning or evening at cocktail hour.

The rooms are very spacious with a little seating area and a writing desk prepped with pen and paper so you can write home of how delightful the hotel is. My favorite part might be the light and airy bathroom adjacent to the bedroom, complete with a claw foot tub, double vanity and the dual showerhead shower of my dreams.

Beaufort South Carolina

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The best part of the hotel is the overwhelming sense of calm you immediately receive upon entering the grounds. Beaufort has defined the low country lifestyle with its unyielding Southern hospitality and lackadaisical seaside time schedule, and the Beaufort Inn has somehow bottled it and thrust it upon its guests when they stay at their hotel. Breakfasts are made fresh daily, cocktail hour is sweet tea based accompanied with daily sweet treats, and the courtyards come alive when the sun starts to set and the humidity drifts away and its inhabitants begin to awaken from their sun-filled slumber.

Author: Cynthia

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