5 Tips for Summer Entertaining with Luna Nuda

As much as I love when the seasons change, I cannot believe that summer is officially coming to a close this weekend. With labor day right around the corner, we have to officially say goodbye to summer, her white clothes and her white wines. In an effort to preserve a couple of my favorite memories throughout summer I hosted a little rooftop gathering for my friends a few weeks ago with Luna Nuda Wines to toast our favorite outings of the season and catch up once again since we’ve all kept pretty busy for the past couple of months. 

In the beginning, when I first started hosting dinner parties I was so out of practice I didn’t know where to start or how to coordinate the event. However, after a little trial and error (and research), I was able to put together a solid list of steps and methodologies to make entertaining more seamless and stress-free. Inviting people over to dine with you should be a happy and exhilarating experience for all parties involved, and as any recovering post-grad sorority girl knows, there are a few tips that can take your entertaining to extraordinary levels when it means pulling together a crowd for dinner. 

5 Tips for Summer Entertaining with Luna Nuda Wines

  1. Keep your guest list manageable. The main difference between a dinner party and a party is the headcount. You should never invite more people over than you have dinner service for if you are planning on a sit-down style dinner. 
  2. Serve the meal family style and ask the guests to bring a dish. Try to plan a meal that will easily be passed around the table that includes a variety of foods that can be eaten with different utensils and finger foods. Having a potluck dinner is a great way to get your guests involved in the dinner party.
  3. Pick a theme. As a post-grad sorority girl, I love anything that has to do with a theme so my dinner parties typically have a theme associated with them. A theme helps your guest get a good idea of what to bring (if your dinner is potluck style) and they can plan food and dress accordingly. 
  4. Have your food prepped in advance of the first guest’s arrival. Try to have everything prepped and finished 10 minutes before you’ve requested to have people over. There will always be one person who shows up early, so this way you won’t be scrambling to entertain and have to finish cooking at the same time. 
  5. Pick a wine that all palates enjoy. I think the alcohol you serve at a dinner party greatly influences how the night is going to go so it’s important to choose a variety that all palates enjoy. I have noticed with my friends that they particularly love pinot grigio’s because of their fruity and mellow flavor and rosés during this time of year which is why it was a no brainer to go with Luna Nuda as the wine of choice for the evening. The fresh and crisp flavors paired perfectly with the nautically themed dinner I planned for the evening. We were privy to a tasting of their newly released rosé and couldn’t have been more pleased with the rich pink color and the bold and citrus flavor.
  6. *Bonus* Don’t start cleaning until the last guest leaves. Nothing says “get out of my house” faster than starting to clean while your guests are still in the living room chatting away. Luckily, everyone understands that messes happen and it’s certifiably okay to leave the mess in the sink and overflowing onto the counters until morning if you must. But for Grace’s sake, join the conversation and put the sponge down. 

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