What to Wear First Time Skiing

This past week, we flew across the country to indulge in a little ski trip in Whistler Canada. As a novice to skiing, I bought the gear but wasn’t exactly sure how I would like all the pieces I picked out and wanted to make sure that I was recommending functional choices before recommending what to wear first time skiing. However, you need to know the first rule of skiing: you gotta look good going down the mountain so always choose something that you’d be happy wearing off the slopes as well! 

What to Wear First Time Skiing


When we arrived in Vancouver, it was typical Pacific Northwest Weather: rainy and chilly. Not yet cold enough to be snowing, but the snow was piled up on the side of the streets from a previous storm. I was already wearing some of my Apres Ski gear in anticipation of the colder weather, so I was well bundled on the drive home. 

The next morning when I was prepping for my ski lesson, the snow started to fall in thick clumps and I packed the layers on appropriately. For Winter Skiing, I would recommend wearing waterproof outers over one to two layers of base clothing. My recommendation is two full sleeve base layer tops (like this one and this one) with one pair of sturdy leggings, that way when you start to get going, you can peel off one of your tops and open the vents up of your jacket for relief. Plus a mid-layer top is easier to tote around if you don’t have a pack with you to store it on the slopes. 

My SmartWool items were some of my favorite things I wore all weekend, the socks being the most crucial part of keeping my feet shielded from the cold while wearing ski boots. The temperature changes quickly while on the mountain- we went from snow to sun, to low visibility clouds and chilly all throughout the course of 3 hours. Having a neck gaiter on was a great way to keep my exposed skin covered between trips on the ski lift. 

If you’re a beginner, I highly recommend investing in base layers you can wear for other sports. I like these leggings because they can be worn running or doing yoga and this top is great for winter outdoor sports. I also can’t stress how much better mittens are than gloves. Gloves are so cumbersome to put on (because you were a pair of smaller gloves on the inside so your fingers get stuck sliding in) but the mittens slide on easily and keep your hands in a toasty pocket. One other recommendation would be to get an electronic hand warmer, like this one

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