What to Write in a Wedding Card

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Over the next two months we have three weddings to attend. I love this time of year because it means I get to dust off my favorite dresses and dancing shoes to help my friends celebrate their nuptials. I’m a stickler for good wedding etiquette when I attend a wedding so I never bring a gift (or money) to the wedding (you should always send those before), but I always bring a card to the wedding to congratulate the couple on their “I Do’s”.

What to Write in a Wedding Card

So small funny side story: I pride myself on picking really unique cards for events (birthdays, anniversaries, etc), but for the last two years my sister and I had been getting my mom THE SAME EXACT CARD. Clearly, we were shopping at the same place and looking at the same cards, but those instances got me thinking “If this happens with me and my sister for our Mom, how many duplicate cards are being gifted to couples for their wedding?”

What to write in a wedding card

In preparation for the multitude of weddings we have coming up, my typical Target trip had me lingering by the card section a bit longer to pick up a couple of wedding celebration cards. I was rounding out my snack pit stop when I got stopped by the beautiful artist summer occasion cards. This was my moment to pick up a card for friends’ future weddings that was unique and I knew wouldn’t be duplicated by other guests.

What to Write in a Wedding card

I fell in love with the Jen Fitchwell collection of cards that are different shades of blue and light coral watercolor paint evoking drama and emotion with each brushstroke. As a perpetual lover of blue and white, these cards called to me and helped me fulfill the “something blue” theme that all brides need on their wedding day. The card’s exterior is beautiful enough on its own, but each one is completed with a lovely verse congratulating the couple of their next journey.

What to Write in a Wedding Card What to Write in a Wedding Card

Outside of the pre-written verse, I like to include something like the following in my wedding cards for weddings. 

What to Write in a Wedding Card

“May you love each other fiercely, hold each other tenderly, and always find comfort in each other’s heart.“


“I hope that you will both remain each other’s 11:11 wish as long as time will last.”

What to Write in a wedding card

If you can’t tell, I’m a sentimentalist when it comes to weddings. You can typically find me tearing up into a nearby handkerchief at a wedding and smiling ear to ear for the couple getting hitched, which is why I always try to put as much sentiment into a unique card for a new Mr & Mrs as possible. These watercolor cards from Jen Fitchwell at Target are going to be making quite the sentimental statement at this summer’s weddings.

What to Write in a Wedding Card what to write in a wedding card

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