Backyard Grilling with Dartagnan

Every so often my family gets together and we grill out on the back porch. Since we’re constantly running in ten different directions it’s nice to have an excuse to sit down and enjoy a meal together. I miss those days where dinner was at 6:30 pm and we all sat down for a meal together. Mom cooked, Dad grilled, us girls typically jumping on the trampoline or watching an episode of the Hills. But when the proverbial “dinner is ready” was called out to us, we turned away from our distractions and sat together as a family to eat and share our days’ endeavors. 

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Now that we’re older and seeing each other is more cumbersome to arrange, it’s nice to be able to sit down together and enjoy a meal. However the roles have changed, my sisters and I have taken over the kitchen when it comes to cooking and I “woman the grill” making sure each steak is cooked to their preferred temperature. I wanted to take extra care with these steaks since they are Angus bone-in ribeyes that I received from DArtagnan, an online butcher shop that specializes in top tier and unique meats, truffles and prepared food as well. 

I don’t typically eat red meat. I have nothing against it, I just often opt for seafood as a lighter alternative so having red meat was a real treat, especially a ribeye. Ribeyes have to be the greatest cut of the cow, full of fat and flavor, my mouth is watering thinking of how succulent that steak was. As this was a fantastic cut of meat, I did my due diligence in preparation for cooking. I researched cook temps, grilling techniques, watched youtube videos, I wanted to ensure that if I were going to cook this it would be done right. As it’s been said, anything worth doing is worth doing right. 

So I fired up the grill, slap the salted and peppered meat on the grill and let the flames work their magic. Cooking on each side for about 3-6 minutes before flipping, making sure the char marks burned nicely into the flesh before turning them over. After a quick rest and a slab of thyme compound butter, they were ready to eat. We sat in silence as the sounds of fork and knife took over the sound of our chatter, my Dad only breaking the silence to exclaim “this is the best steak I’ve ever had,” which filled my heart with a sense of pride that I could make something my family something so well enjoyed. 

I enjoyed my order from DArtagnan so much I’m planning on placing a replacement order soon for some more ribeye. The meat was perfect, it arrived without any issue, and the variety of meat on their website was so vast, it’s hard to settle on any one thing in particular. I strongly suggest you give DArtagnan a visit for your summer grilling needs. 

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Author: Cynthia

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