Revolutionary Doughnuts

I’m constantly pestering my friends to go to new places in the city. While they might not be new new, they are new to us and that’s enough to drag ourselves out of bed at 6:30 am on a Sunday. 

That and this place has been known to gather quite the line once it opens at 8am. Any shop that has a line for its treats before they open must be good, right?

I am of course talking about the best donuts in Atlanta: Revolution Doughnuts. 
Revolution DoughnutsWhen you first walk up to this Decatur hotspot, there is a chance you’ll find yourself waiting in line. DONUT (sorry I’ll only make one pun) let this deter you. There will also be a heap of children running amok inside- again keep standing in line. 

If you can brave through the line wrapped around the building and the children crowding the tables inside, you’ll be faced with the menu and your turn to order a generous serving of sugary goodness. 
Revolution DoughnutsRevolution DoughnutsI don’t quite know how they keep up with the demand of doughnut crazed fans that come through the shop. But shelves of doughnuts lay waiting in back to replace their empty trays upon a moments notice. 
Revolution DoughnutsBeing the particular indecisive people that we are we decided to go with one of everything. 

If you’re going to do a “Best donuts in Atlanta” trip right, you need to go big since we were already far from home there was no point to turn back. Revolution DoughnutsOnce our order was filled and our coffee cups overflowing, we quickly grabbed a vacant table outside and started sorting out our goods. One apple fritter for you, one salted caramel for me. One Crunchy Mister (a meat filled doughnut!) for you and one Croughnut for me. After eating two full doughnuts a piece, we decided to attempt to save some for later. 

Key word: attempt.
Revolution DoughnutsRevolution DoughnutsRevolution Doughnuts has a couple of styles of doughnuts. Yeast style, which would be your typical doughnut, cake style, baked cake and filled rounds. 

Personally I couldn’t decided if I liked the Yeast or the Cake style better but my favorite doughnut of the bunch was the Salted Caramel, so I suppose the cake style won for me! 
Revolution Doughnuts

When you’ve only got a moments notice to get ready for the day, you need to perfect your effortless “I woke up like this” look, which for me consists of linen shorts, stripes and the most comfortable driving shoes. I just recently received these loafers from Johnston & Murphy and I couldn’t wait until our Italian adventure to wear them.  I am obsessed with red at the moment: red stripes, red handbags, red shoes, red hair (girls who have red hair have the prettiest hair texture and I’m currently obsessed.) Revolution DoughnutsWhile I may be obsessed with red, I still tend to go for neutrals when it comes to makeup. My new lip addition is It Cosmetics Lip Vitality. It’s the perfect pinky neutral for those of us who don’t like wearing gobs of color on our face. I also recently got a gel manicure from Three Thirteen Salon in Marietta and its been nice having nail polish last more than a couple of days. I’m on day 7 and it’s still going strong without any chips. Revolution Doughnuts

Striped top || Shorts || Chambray Shirt || Crossbody || Necklace || Watch || Driving Shoes (also comes in pink under $100) || Lipstick || Sunglasses Revolution Doughnuts

There’s a lot of speculation between which doughnut shop reigns supreme in Atlanta, and my money is on Revolution Doughnuts
Revolution DoughnutsJust look at that doughnutty perfection! If I had to choose two doughnuts for you to try this weekend it would be the Salted Caramel and the Blueberry. But then again you should add a Vanilla glazed, apple fritter, coconut and croughnut to that list as well. I really can’t choose my favorite between those, you just need to go and try them for yourself! 
Revolution Doughnuts


Doughnut let my opinions glaze you by, these are definitely the best donuts in Atlanta. 

Until next time Revolution Doughnuts

Author: Cynthia

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