Christmas Tablescape

One of my favorite things when I was growing up, was setting the table for Holidays. 

My mom would always task me with setting the table, so I let my creativity flow and would always set off in the woods behind our house to gather my supplies: pinecones, perfect fall leaves, flowers, and branches were my mediums of choice. I’d spend the afternoon decorating the table with what I had collected that day. 

Fast forward 15 years (ugh, just had a pang of “where has time gone”) and I still thoroughly enjoy putting the table together in the most elegant of ways for our guests during the Holidays. christmas tablescape

christmas tablescape christmas tablescape

My first piece of advice for setting a fun table for Christmas is staying true to your style. We always brought out the chargers, the nice glasses, gold silverware and festive placemats for all occasions, so that is what I know to be normal. Now that I have adult money, I decided to invest in some fun plaid placemats and festive table runners for myself. christmas tablescape christmas tablescape christmas tablescape christmas tablescape Next, I suggest saving as much money as you can by turning “garbage” into gold. I asked Home Depot if I could have their leftover tree trimmings for a project I was working on. They didn’t have a problem with me taking their trash away! So I happily scooped up a couple of branches and molded them into my green table runner. I stuffed some sprigs of holly in the runner from the bush we have growing in our backyard. christmas tablescape The candlesticks, while they look expensive, were DIYs my mom tackled for us for the wedding. I bought about 15 candlesticks from goodwill and my mom spray painted them gold. I believe I got all of the candlesticks for around $30! 

christmas tablescape christmas tablescape christmas tablescape I like to add unique touches to each table setting such as name markers and edible bits hiding in the garland. The name markers are actually monogram ornaments I picked up from Swoozies. They fit with my tartan theme so I knew they would be perfect for the table. 

I also hid little chocolate Santa’s and reindeer in the garland as after dinner surprises. christmas tablescape christmas tablescape christmas tablescape christmas tablescape

One last thing I remember my mom always including on the table were fun little poppers/ crackers at our place setting. Once everyone finished their meal we’d all pop our crackers together and see what surprises lay inside. These nutcracker themed poppers are the cutest ones I’ve seen in years! christmas tablescape

I love setting a festive themed table for the holidays. If you need any extra inspiration for your holiday tablescape, check out my Pinterest board of all things plaid and Christmasy. 

Don’t forget to serve up a festive drink and a signature cup of hot chocolate for your guests! 

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What Christmas traditions are you responsible for in your family? 

xo Cynthia 

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