A Local Holiday Gift Guide

One of the main reasons for starting my blog was to get to know the wonderful community of creatives and local businesses that make Atlanta and the South so special which is why the most important gift guide I’m promoting this year is dedicated to the Local flair of the South and Atlanta! Supporting small business is such a huge deal to me because I believe in the community of small businesses that keep innovating and creating to their heart’s content. 

Atlanta Local Holiday Gift Guide

Thanks to my community on Instagram, some of this content was generated from them while some were products and people that I love and believe in as well. 

For the Kiddos 

Handmade, small batch hair ties from Elliott and Autumn 

For the Jewelry Lover

Audrey Allman Designs: using a mix of antique beads and natural elements, Audrey creates beautiful works of art to be worn daily  

Mary Frances Flowers: working with precious metals, she creates wearable works of art in a range of styles. 

For the Budding Art Curator 

Courtney Khail: a stunning watercolor artist who makes the most lovely ink and watercolor flower paintings 

Britt Bass: Atlanta’s most prominent abstract artist who inspires us with her cheeky punches of color and whimsical designs 

Parrish Hoag: a mastery at abstract landscapes and abstract art, her paintings are spectacular statement pieces 

Honeycomb Studios: This Atlanta ceramic maker creates some of the most beautiful handcrafted ceramics to adorn your home with. 

For the Apparel Obsessed 

Peach State Pride: Apparel inspired by the Peach State, they have a range of products to cloth your every adventure. 

Crosby by Mollie Burch: This artist graphic designer has created a luxurious clothing company with punchy bright clothing in trendy and classic silhouettes. These are definitely statement pieces you want to include in your wardrobe. 

Glad & Young Studio: This female-led team creates amazing leather products in punchy colors and functional pieces. The leather is soft and supple to the touch. 

For the Stationery Lover 

Anna Kay Artworks: Her hand-painted watercolor prints are transferred onto pretty stationery designs, calendars, and more. She even does custom pieces for weddings. 

Blush and Honey Paper: She’s a watercolor artist who puts her cheeky designs on mugs, prints, and stationery. 

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