My New Favorite Bag by Neely & Chloe

I’ve been on the hunt to find the perfect top handle bag for quite some time. As with Goldilocks and her porridge, so did I come into the same problem with this classic handbag: this one too small, that one too big, this one too lumpy, until I found the perfect one from Neely and Chloe. Or rather, it found me. 

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Photos by Shelby Rae Photographs 

I never considered myself a “bag lady” but as of late, handbags seem to be the thing I’m investing in more and more. The “tote my life around” lifestyle I lived post-collegiately is something I’m straying away from and find myself carrying more delicate pieces that serve both my practical and whimsical sides. Which is why I was hunting high and low for a perfect, moderately priced top handle that can go from workday to weekend. It seemed an impossible find until Neely & Chloe came into my life. 

Neely & Chloe is currently on a summer tour in their adorable airstream and hosted a pop-up in WestSide Provisions a couple of weekends ago. It was a great opportunity to stop by, feel the leather and fall in love with the pieces in person instead of just through the photos. Meeting Chloe in person was a great way to get to know the brand’s spirit. Nieces of Tory Burch, they wanted to bring quality products to their consumers in an effort to transform the way we think about high-quality handbags. In my experience, high price doesn’t always equate to high luxury, but these bags are as indulgent as they are practically priced. 

After a whopping two weeks and countless outings and restauranteering, I can say without a doubt this Neely and Chloe bag has to be my favorite item in my closet. It has softened slightly, but the exterior is still as pristinely white as the first day I opened it from the dust ruffle. The closures are intact and functioning without fail. I feel confident that this bag will last me for many more cocktail runs and work trips, stylishly getting me from A to B week after week. 

I highly recommend getting to know the brand and these charming sisters either through Instagram, their blog, or visiting one of their exciting stops on their summer Airstream tour.  

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