Our House Projects for the Year

Now that our home renovation is completely done, we have a lot of blank walls and corners to fill up. We intentionally left some of the spaces vacant so that we could DIY some projects on the weekend. These are our house projects for the year.

small office makeover

ONE: Office Makeover 

My office is one of my favorite spaces in the house. When the building was built, it was originally a sun porch and then was converted into a sunroom with giant windows and exposed brick. The brick has since been painted over but the windows are still my favorite feature. There is a ton of natural light and even though it’s could be an amazing reading nook, I love being able to watch what’s going on outside while getting some work done. 

What I want to do is mostly cosmetic. Swap out the tabletop, change the boxes that sit in the open shelves, change the hardware, add some more plants (I refer to this room as my greenhouse as much as I do my office), get a new fan, update the rug, and get a more stylish chair. 

TWO: Build a console to hide our tv boxes in the new living room. 

We swapped the living room with the dining room and now where our tv sits, we don’t have any way to hide the electronics and cables for the tv. So we’re planning on building a box that looks like a mid-century modern walnut speaker. 

THREE: Build Bar/ Utility Storage

This one sounds like it shouldn’t work out, but where we have this empty closet nook is where we’re going to be adding shelving for our wine and liquor (currently taking up valuable real estate in the cabinets) on top and utility/shoe storage underneath. We don’t have a lot of closets in our house so adding this bottom shoe/utility storage area will be functional and pretty to look at. I’m thinking of painting the cabinets a rich dark blue or a rich dark green. TBD. 

FOUR: Build pull out shelves for the pantry 

This is our first ever “costco pantry” and we didn’t realize how much dead space we’d have in the pantry, but liquid bottles and cans really don’t need that much space. We’re planning on building some slide out shelves that will help us make the most of all the space we have in the pantry. 

FIVE: Build a Kitchen Garden

If you love gardening and don’t follow Gardenary on Instagram, stop what you’re doing and go give her a follow. She makes these amazing “kitchen gardens” with overflowing veg and herbs that reblooms all year long. We have two little plots of sod in our complex’s courtyard that I could very easily convince them to let us build a raised bed garden and plant some veggies. 

SIX: Build a hanging cabinet in the mudroom

Our laundry room is a new feature of the house and it has a lovely little entryway/ mudroom to the back entrance. We want to add additional wall storage so we’re planning on building a little hanging wall storage area that will hold excess paper towels, shoes, our compost bin, and other knick-knacks that don’t have a home. 

Author: Cynthia

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