10 Things You Must Do in Positano

Positano is aboslutely one of the most spectacular places I’ve ever visited. Even in October it was beautiful, warm and bustling with life! If you’re planning a trip there, here is my Positano Travel Guide with a list of things you must do while you’re there! 

Positano Travel Guide

Positano has possibly one of the most recognizable cityscapes with it’s stacked colorful buildings nestled into the mountainside. For being a small-ish village, it is crammed with things to do! You can pack all these things into your itinerary in about 2 days, which if you’re going to spend a week exploring the Amalfi coast, is about as long as I recommend staying in Positano. If you have more time to spend, 4 days would be the best! 

  1. Rent a beach chair and enjoy the view. Nowhere else are you going to be able to rent a beach chair for less than $10 and soak up the sun in such spectacular surroundings! Chances are, even in October you’ll see 75  F+ weather. 
  2. Hike the Path of the Gods. Take a half afternoon (and pack a lunch!) and hike the trails that wind through the Amalfi Coast that Roman soldiers used to navigate through. There are a lot of stairs, so pack comfortable shoes! I hiked everything in Keds, my feet were fine, but my shins hurt afterward. positano travel guide
  3. Get custom leather shoes. One of my favorite souvenirs are the custom leather sandals I got from the Amalfi Coast. Cobblers are able to size your feet while you pick out the style you want, and in less than 30 minutes you have custom fit sandals or loafers for you to bring home! You’ll never have to worry about someone wanting to borrow your shoes at home!
  4. Eat lunch with a view of the Meditteranean. Two of my favorite spots we ate at in Positano were La Guarancina and Chez Black. Both had amazing views. Chez Black is right on the beach in the main square so you get to people watch and enjoy spectacular food. La Guarancina towers above the ocean so you can enjoy your feast and stare out at the vast blue ocean. chez black positano 
  5. Explore the town by foot. Positano has a LOT of stairs and you need to burn off all that calamari fritti somehow, so get to hoofing it! I didn’t realize until the second day we were there that the stairways between buildings all led to different parts of the town, we thought they were purely residential! We ended up seeing a lot more local life this way but we weren’t regarded as trespassers either. 
  6. Watch the sunset or sunrise over the Meditteranean. Positano is awesome because you can see both the sunrise and the sunset from either side of the town. Our hotel, Hotel La Reginella, had a spectacular view of the sunrise in the morning and at night, you can see the sunset from Le Sirenuse from their amazing restaurant while enjoying a grappa on their balcony. Sunrise in Positano
  7. Eat at the Oyster Bar at Le Sirenuse. This is something I wish we had been able to do, but Le Sirenuse closed the day after we got to Positano (hence the regrets of going there) so we missed out on this quintessential experience. 
  8. Get gelato at Buca di Becco on the beach. Arguably the best gelato we had on our entire trip. My favorite is stracciatella and my friend really enjoyed the Kinder flavor. We got it twice daily, but we walked the stairs every day so it wasn’t that bad. 
  9. Enjoy a lemon granita. Bonus points for adding limoncelloThe Amalfi  coast is renown for its lemon production, seriously the lemons get so large they can be as big as your head! They’ve made the best of this by creating delicious and refreshing drinks for locals and tourists alike. The granita is like a lemon slush and it’s delicious! Villa San Michele
  10. Take a boat ride and see Positano from a different angle. Cue the regrets again, since we went so late in the season no one was offering boat rides. The city seemed to be recuperating from the tourist season and fixing up all their equipment and focusing on what they do best: being a fishing village. 

Positano is easily one of the most beautiful cities I’ve visited in Europe, it has a big presence for being such a small village and it’s definitely something you need to see if your lifetime! 

Author: Cynthia

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