What to Drink Now: The Best Wines of Fall 2019 Under $30

I have gotten extremely into wine over the last few years. Not to the point of where I’m seeking out Sommelier status, I’ll let that to my friends, but I have really started to hone in on what I love, what’s a good value wine, and generally what’s a great wine to have on hand. Whether you’re looking for something to add to your home rotation, want to try something that’ll impress your friends, or looking for a good bottle to bring for a hostess gift, these are the best wines of Fall 2019! 

Best Wines for Fall 2019

One thing I would really like to do is head out west and indulge in every winery on the West Coast! I love the grape to glass experience. There’s something about picking up little tidbits on the wine industry, what causes grapes to produce certain flavors, and being in the winery atmosphere that just speaks straight to my heart. It’s like getting to be a part of the process which makes the wine that much better. I even make a point to take a few bottles home with me whenever I travel, like when I went to Oregon earlier this year

For those who live in wine regions, I hope you take every opportunity to go to each new winery because I would be there every weekend! 

When I can’t make it to a winery, I do the next best thing and stop at one of the many amazing wine shops in Atlanta. This isn’t a sponsored post, but if you’re wondering about Atlanta places to score great bottles of wine, check out H&F Bottle shop, Perrine’s, the Ansley Kroger, Tower Liquor store, and any Total Wine. All have led me to my favorite wines. 

I should probably preface that when it comes to wine, I tend to enjoy drier and crisper white’s and full-bodied, cherry-esque reds. 

These are the best wines of Fall 2019

Sauvignon Blanc: Whitehaven Wines 

This Australian Sauvignon Blanc is a fantastic drinking and cooking wine. It’s mellow for a sauvignon blanc but still has that slight dryness that you expect to crave with this varietal. It’s our new “House White” that we keep stocked for every wine occassion. 

Pinot Noir: Erath 

Pinot Noir is a great “entry into red wine” variety since it tends to be more mellow. Erath is earthy with faint hints of cherry and spice. It’s a perfect “red meat” red wine if you’re craving something a little less heavy than Cabernets. 

Chenin Blanc: Chenin Field Recordings 

This Chenin Blanc is beautifully branded by Field Recordings and it has outstanding flavor. It’s nice and refreshing and pairs perfectly with Turkey. 

Rosé: Whispering Angel 

I am an all-year Rosé drinker and Whispering Angel is my go-to. I’ve learned quickly that all rosés are not created equal, but Whispering Angel consistently produces quality products year after year. Pro-tip for rosé, drink it in the year that it was bottled, rosé doesn’t really age well. So if it’s 2019 and you see a story selling 2018 Whispering Angel for a STEAL, it’s because it’s past it’s prime. 

Malbec: Catena 

Spicy with hints of tobacco and a nice mouthfeel, this is the perfect manly wine to accompany a rich dinner. The tannins in the wine help cut through any heaviness the other flavors may have. I’m constantly impressed by this wine. 

Beaujolais:Louis Jadot

This is one of my favorite wines, it’s incredibly affordable, the name is fun to say (BOO-SZHO-LAY), and it goes with about anything. Its a fun, berry forward wine that’s exceptionally easy to drink. You can score it at Trader Joes which is always a huge win. 


Best Wines of Fall2019

Author: Cynthia

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