Zero George Street

In Charleston there are a plethora of places to stay and eat at. From AirBnB’s with private gardens, to haunted hotels on King street, and then there are boutique hotels providing more than just relaxation but curating an entire low-country luxury experience for all who cross their courtyard. None do it better than Zero George Street. 
Zero George Street Zero George Street Zero George Street Zero George Street Zero George StreetZero George StreetZero George StreetZero George StreetZero George StreetZero George Street Truth be told, I accidentally ended up at Zero George Street. While I was doing research on places to eat for dinner, my google search engine led me here instead of the place I was intending (coincidentally owned by the same hospitality group), and I booked us a dinner reservation without doing my full research. However, as happy accidents go, this was the most joyous of mistakes because after my experience here, it has since maintained the top rated restaurant spot for me across the 25 states and 5 countries I’ve visited. 

When you step into Zero George Street’s courtyard, you’re greeted by the iconic mint green cruising bikes and aged brick buildings- all but begging you to come and stay awhile. The courtyard leads way to the restaurant where guests have the opportunity to dine inside or outside, and due to the humidity we had suffered through all afternoon, the Air Conditioned inside lured us to her clutches. The unique aspect about the Zero George restaurant is that guests have the opportunity to be in the kitchen with the chef. Chef Vinson Petrillo stands guard at his butcher block island, carefully crafting each dish being ordered by guests, his signature a flick of the wrist as the finishing sauce is drizzled over-top before being whisked away to a table. 

The cocktails are as creative as the menu Chef dreams up. I was fortunate to have what I have come to recall as an “Adult Lemonade”, with an elderflower sweetener to mask any nip of gin that might be detectable. However the star of the show is the incredible meal that is about to make it’s way to your table. As my mouth waters recalling how perfect the soft shell crab was fried, and served with pickled veg and a red pepper coulis. My companion was equally happy with the “Tomato”, essentially a handmade cheese stuffed tomato broiled to perfection. 

Dinner was local fish- Wahoo- and dessert was a deconstructed tres leches cake that was moist and spongy, I almost forgot I disliked tres leches eating it. 

Between the ambiance and the service, Zero George cannot be beaten when looking for places to dine in Charleston. This year I am fortunate enough to be staying here, so I look forward to experiencing Zero George Restaurant as a Zero George local. 

It’s name is it’s location, so hopefully you won’t get lost navigating it in historic Charleston. 

Author: Cynthia

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