10 Peach Recipes to Inspire You During Peach Season

Peach season is officially here and that means it’s time to indulge in every kind of meal that this perfect stone fruit can handle. From drinks to desserts, side dishes, appetizers, jams, and salads, peaches really fit into every bucket of culinary indulgence. Here are # of peach recipes to inspire you during peach season.

Rustic Peach Tart Recipe

ONE: Rustic Peach Tart 

The easiest recipe you could possibly make this peach season is this rustic peach tart. A few fresh peaches, premade pie crust, and a few spices stand in your way from a truly delicious and incredible dessert. 

Get the recipe here

TWO: Frozen Peach Bellini’s 

Arguably one of the greatest peach drink recipes of all time. This classic bellini get’s a chilly update for summer and a little zing of raspberry from a special liquer addition at the end. It’s a must try if you like subtly sweet, frozen cocktails! 

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Frozen Peach Bellini

Three: DIY Peach & Burrata Crostini 

Pair happy hour with this fun DIY peach & burrata crostini. It’s a super simple, light and refreshing appetizer to set down for friends and family gatherings. Plus it’s made a little more *fun* with everyone being able to DIY their own bite. 

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peach burrata appetizer

Four: Blackberry Peach Crumb Bars 

Is this a breakfast or a dessert? Well, that’s for you to decide! It really plays the role halfway for both. The one thing everyone could agree on, that these were FREAKING delicious. They barely lasted 2 days amongst four people. 

Get the recipe here

Blackberry Peach Crumb Bars

Five: Peach Ice Cream

Hands down this is my favorite peach recipe of the bunch. I am waiting for my peaches to ripen at this moment so that I can whip some of this up this weekend. It’s luscious, creamy, zingy, creamy, and the little crumble of shortbread is pure perfection. 

Get the recipe here

best peach ice cream

Six: Peach, Blackberry & Proscuitto Flatbread 

If you like pizza with a little sweetness, you’ll love this fun appetizer featuring peaches, mozzarella, balsamic and salty prosciutto! It’s a total crowd-pleaser for an appetizer or a full-on meal. 

Get the recipe here

Peach Blackberry Prosciutto Flatbread

Seven: Vanilla Peach Preserves 

Peach preserves are a great way to make your peaches last as long as possible. This vanilla bean peach preserve was inspired by one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta. You’ll love the sweet and succulent taste it adds to every breakfast bite. 

Get the recipe here

How to Host a Brunch Party

Eight: Peach Bread 

Imagine banana bread- but better. This peach bread is one of my favorite breakfast breads to make during the summer. It’s light, has a great crumb, and filled with tangy peaches in every bite. 

Get the recipe here

Nine: Blueberry Lavender Peach Pie 

I originally made this recipe sans peaches, and then tried it again with peaches and realized that peaches and blueberries make a superior pie when combined TOGETHER. Don’t let summer pass you by without trying this pie recipe! 

Get the recipe here

Ten: Grilled Peach & Proscuitto Goat Cheese Flatbread 

Another flatbread inspired by simple ingredients for summer! This is definitely one of those “make the most of what’s in your fridge” meals with a pre-made pita, some goat cheese, basil from the garden and a few peaches. Easy and delicious! 

Get the recipe here

peach and goat cheese flatbread

Honorable Mention: Spring Nectarine Farro Salad Sub for Peaches

Let’s pretend these nectarines are peaches, okay? I just made this the other day and forgot how delicious it is! I can’t wait to add some fresh peaches for the next batch. It would also be delicious topped with a fennel roasted salmon, just saying! 

Get the recipe here

Nectarine Spring Salad Recipe

You’re going to want to make these peach recipes this summer if you’re a fan of peaches. 

Also, if peach season hasn’t quite hit your neck of the woods yet, I highly recommend checking out the Peach Truck for delivery. Although I live in Georgia and we get lovely peaches at our farmers markets, I swear these peaches taste the best and always love supporting them buy purchasing a box sometime during the season. 

Want to learn how to properly cut a peach? Check out my video here

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