2023 Holiday Gift Guides

It’s gift guide season. I’m in my tenth year of compiling gift guides, and while some brands are new (to me) or just *newer*- one theme reigns supreme: these items are things that will last and delight. And as a conscientious gifter, I want to give my circle things that will last beyond a season. Below is a list of gifts to fuel inspiration for your gifting needs. More gift guides will be updated throughout the season so be sure to pin this to your Pinterest, or bookmark this page on your desktop to get updated with the latest. 

Let’s dive in, shall we? 

2023 gift guide for the homebody who craves comfort

2023 Gift Guide for the Comfort Lover 

Gone are the days of sad waffle robes, in are the nights of luxurious homebody accessories. Here is a list of gifts for the comfort lover. What I love about most of these gifts is that it’s easy to zhush up the traditional gift of “tea/ coffee” or a candle – which while we’re on the subject, we all have enough candles… don’t buy any candles but if you must buy a candle, add one of these stylish candle warmers to the mix. 

From top left clockwise

Lake Pajamas Robe || Mittens || Le Creuset Tea Kettle & Looseleaf tea || Pepper Home Toiletry Bag || Chappy Wrap || Illustrated Life Reciper Binder a la Julia Child || Candle Warmer || Shearling lined slippers || Flower embroidered hat || Denim blue scarf 

hostess giftguide host giftguide

2023 Gift Guide for the Hostess 

She’s hosting a party so chances are she likes to eat. My favorite thing about a hostess gift is how easy it is to pair a pretty oven mitt with a wine bottle, or when gifting a salt cellar to add some luxurious finishing salt alongside it. As a gift for some of my husband’s colleagues, I scooped up someflower-filled crackers and drink mixers to mix in with other entertaining items. Combine a milk frother with some organic coffee syrups and nab a cute butter dish to pair with some local butter. 

From top left clockwise 

Flouwer Co Crackers || Openwork Jardinere || Tsar Nikoulai Caviar || Pepper Home Custom Pillow (add a sassy saying) || Vintage inspired cheese markers || Flouwer Co Cocktail Cubes || Ark Butter Dish || Sur La Table Mini Oven Mitts || Milk Frother & Organic Coffee Syrups || Mahjong Inspired Cocktail Napkins || Olivewood Salt Cellar &Jacobsen’s Finishing Salt || Sur La Table Oven Mitt & a Bottle of $40+ wine (try Cakebread varieties! Always a hit)


gift guide for men

2023 Gift Guide for the Guys 

Men- they literally buy everything they want and consumerism is not geared towards them so we must take it upon ourselves to delight and upgrade their essentials. A sassy needlepoint pillow is always worth its price in laughter and frame your precious Christmas photos in these stylish modern frames. Men tend to gravitate towards golf so these golf-themed acrylic coasters from Match South and golf needlepoint napkins make for great bar accessories. If they like wine, this forced air wine opener makes opening vintage bottles a breeze. The watch guy probably needs a watch that’s continuously wound, so this portable watch winder is just what the guy on the go requires. When gala season comes back around, he’ll be sporting stylish Brackish cuff links and button covers. And when all else fails, Barbour and Alex Mill are my go-to resources for classic wardrobe enhancers to pad the boxes under the tree. 

From top left, clockwise: 

Leather covered shaker & jigger || Wax & Leather day bag || Brackish cufflinks & button covers || Embroidered Golf cocktail napkins || Gear inspired clock || Barbour Jacket || Alex Mill Sweater || Golf Tee Coaster || Wine Opener || Needlepoint Pillow || Frames || Gloves || Watch Winder 

gift guide for dogs

2023 Gift Guide for the Dogs 

Let’s be honest, dogs really get Christmas all year long but when you need some new toys in the mix, these are team Darling’s favorite toys for Fido. The 6-foot-long snake really does have indestructible squeakers and you might as well get the avocado on subscribe and save. When we got our dog this dog bed, as soon as we put it on the floor, the dog immediately went into it and curled up. These leashes and collars from the Foggy Dog last a lifetime and come in pretty & preppy prints and patterns. Finally, get some treats that are good for them! The Natural Dog company has treats to help keep Fido in the best shape andthese natural beef rawhides are safe and delicious for pups to eat. 

From top left, clockwise:

White Oak Pastures Beef Rawhide || Chappy Wrap Dog Blanket || Extra Long Squeaker Hippo || Avocado Plush || Fluff n Tuff Squirrel Toy || 6 Foot Long Snake || LL Bean Dog Bed || The Foggy Dog Walk Set || Hip & Joint Treats 

gifts for babies under 1 years old

2023 Gift Guide for Babies 

Babies are hard to shop for because they need so little and entertainment consists of squishing their favorite crinkle toy for hours. But of course, Christmas wouldn’t be complete without spoiling our littlest ones with things that will last them until their 1st birthday. Our son gets these Love Every Play Kits and they are truly the best. Each one is filled with month-appropriate toys to inspire every hour of playtime. When all else fails, more crinkle toys for the stroller and every day are always a hit alongside these Oball rattles which are easy to grab for tiny fingers. And if your nursery still needs decor, these silly animal prints are sure to add just a bit of visual interest to your next home tour. It wouldn’t be Christmas without spoiling the baby with a cute new outfit that’s a bit more impractical than normal. I love Little English & La Coqueta for nice and heirloom babywear. 

From top left, clockwise: 

Backpack for Daycare & Travel || Silly Animal Prints || Stroller Toy || Lovevery Play Kits || Oball Rattle Car ||Sophie the Giraffe Teether Ring || Wooden Helicopter || Walking Assist Toy || Pull Apart Dog || Crinkle Dino || Squishy tube rattle || La Coqueta Pink Sweater Onesie || Little English Car Sweater || Toybox carry all adapts into bicycle basket || Babiators 

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