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Part of the reason why I started writing is to explore the South through food and travel. I love meeting Southern entrepreneurs who are working to build awareness to the community they serve and tout their love for fine southern ingredients.

Even if they don’t procure all of their ingredients from The South, they still are interlaced with the public around them to fulfill their needs and preserve the spirit of the town in which they operate in. For these reasons, I have come to love Bamboo Juices.
Kelley Sibley, the dreamer, and doer behind Bamboo’s success, has truly integrated herself into being a Georgia staple and a beloved neighborhood juicing hero. While Californian’s seem to have all the fun with cold-pressed, raw juices, Kelley wanted to bring her 5 years of multi-cultural and multi-continental dietary exploration to the hands of the people in Georgia through her products. And so she did by setting up a cold-pressed operation just outside of Atlanta at Serenbe Farms, a farming community committed to promoting sustainable farming and cooking with local ingredients.

I was sent four flavors to try: Coffee Almond, Banana Bokchoy, Spinach Apple, and Lemon Ginger. As I set out on the train one morning I decided to give the coffee almond a try, if I didn’t like it, there would always be a trashcan nearby to take its contents. Upon first sip I was addicted. The subtle sweetness lingered between the nutty flavors of the freshly made almond milk, my body didn’t even need the buzz from the mushroom coffee due to my excitement over its palatable taste. I had the banana bokchoy the next morning, and to my surprise, it tasted like licking the bowl clean after making a huge serving of banana bread. Delicious.

It’s safe to say that Kelley has done a superb job with her cold pressed juices. I am sitting here now counting down the hours for my replacement order I made earlier this week to arrive on my doorstep anxiously anticipating trying some new juices and elixirs to supplement my daily meals.

If you are interested in trying bamboo juices, you can order online here and use the code “bamboo for a free juice at checkout.

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