Easy Upgrades to Make to an Apartment Home Inspired by The Ashley Gables Buckhead 

We absolutely love living in our temporary home at The Ashley Gables Buckhead, while we renovate our home. It reminded me of how much fun I used to have upgrading my temporary spaces in the past and I thought it may be helpful to share some easy upgrades to make to an apartment inspired by our time at the Ashley Gables.

The Ashley Gables Buckhead

The design team at The Ashley Gables Buckhead really speaks right to my heart. From their luxurious two-floor Library Lounge to the well-appointed amenity decks that I discussed in this post, to their mix of old and new that brings a new level of interest to all of their spaces, I can’t get enough of it. 

A lot of their design elements actually inspired how we’re decorating our home once we move back because of how easy and transitional the décor is throughout. And while the base of each of the apartment homes at The Ashley Gables Buckhead is beautiful on its own, these are some fun tips to make it unique without losing your deposit by doing any major damage. 

The Ashley Gables Buckhead The Ashley Gables Buckhead

Easy Upgrades to Make to an Apartment Home 

1.Plug-in Wall Sconces: These easy to apply plugin wall sconces help add some lighting and a fun design element to your rooms without having to take up precious counter space. Like in the living room of one of The Ashley apartment homes, these plugin wall sconces are a fun addition to a space with minimal wear to a wall. Just remember if you put a hole in a wall at a rental, you’re responsible for repairing it when you leave.

These are some of our favorite plugin wall sconces 

2. Built-In Bookshelves are for more than just books: Get creative with what you store on a built-in bookshelf! In this Ashley Gables Buckhead apartment home, they used a mix of ginger Jars, books, entertaining items, and knick-knacks, but if you find you need more storage, you can always add some woven baskets to help store extra appliances, chords, remotes, and what-have-you.

The Ashley Gables BuckheadThe Ashley Gables Buckhead

3. Use Area Rugs to Help Separate Open Floor Plans: In one of the model units at The Ashley, I loved how they used area rugs to segment the living room from the dining area and the kitchen. It was a great way to create a transition. Keep in mind that area rugs also help reduce noise pollution, so if are worried about an apartment being too noisy, you can always add some large soft elements, like an area rug, to help minimize it. 

We love these affordable Area Rugs 

4.Drapes Help Add Softness: Adding drapes is a great way to add a level of comfort to your home without spending a fortune. They even make self-adhesive drapery rod holders so that you don’t have to screw into the wall. Since these only hold about 2lbs each, you’ll want to take the weight of your total curtain rod and curtains into consideration before buying. To minimize the appearance of the stick on rod holders, get some spray paint in the same color as your drapery rod, and paint the holders before hanging them up. No one would be the wiser and you won’t have to fix holes in the wall when you move out. 

Use these products for a Self Adhesive Drapery Project

The Ashley Gables Buckhead The Ashley Gables Buckhead

5.Gallery Walls: Gallery Walls are great when you don’t have big pieces of art to cover up one space, you can use little pieces in a pre-laid out pattern to put on the wall. I recommend using command strips to hang the art on the walls, it’s easier to remove when move out time comes. 

The Ashley Gables Buckhead The Ashley Gables Buckhead

The Ashley Gables Buckhead acts as a perfect canvas to have a southern-inspired exclusive apartment home in the heart of Buckhead so you’ll have no trouble decorating it according to your tastes! 

Author: Cynthia

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