At Home Style Challenge: Feminine Mid Century Modern Living Room

These past two weeks have been a complete whirlwind! If you guys remember two weekends ago  I shared over on Instagram that I was working on a fun design project with the sisters who created Shanty2Chic with their in-store living room design challenge at the At Home store in Kennesaw GA. Now, as you may know, in-store meet n greets and design challenges aren’t something I participate in regularly, but the opportunity sounded extremely fun and I had the morning free so I said: “WHY NOT?!” 

Sometimes you just gotta go with it! 

feminine mid century modern living roomAt Home invited me and Rhoda of Southern Hospitality Blog to their store to decorate one of their in-store displays using Shanty2Chic’s new furniture line that just launched. I hadn’t met Rhoda in person before but ironically had found out that I have been following her on Pinterest since the early days, apparently, she is one the OGs of the blogging world and has been around for almost a decade! It was really great to get to hear about her experience with the blogging world and her perspective on how it’s changed and evolved since she started. 

She and I were challenged to design a space using the Shanty2Chic Coffee table and a Sofa table and the gimmick: we had two hours to get it done! feminine mid century modern living room feminine mid century modern living room It felt like I was on an episode of Supermarket Sweep because my helper from the At Home team and I  went off running with buggies in hand picking out what furniture I wanted to fill my blank canvas with. 

You would think when you have the entire store at your disposal and no budget to decorate with that it would be easy to pick what you need to fill your space, but it was actually a lot more difficult than I had anticipated. I knew I needed to bring in some color to bring life to the plain white wall and would need a beautiful rug to tie it all together. 

If you’ve been following for a while you know that large pieces for an apartment are something I have a hard time committing to but I found the perfect rug from At Home that ended up being reversible! The next challenge was artwork to fill up the blank wall. 

I ended up finding this gorgeous navy velvet couch and knew that it would have to take center stage in my living room. As the minutes started ticking away, it was time to start filling in all the details. 

In my mind, as I was given this challenge I really wanted to take the opportunity to create a feminine mid century modern living room. While I like some aspects of MCM, I don’t like how square and stuffy the minimalistic side of it can get so I wanted to be sure to still add some comfy and traditional accents to really play up the rustic Shanty2Chic pieces. 
feminine mid century modern living room feminine mid century modern living room

When the timer was up, I stepped back to admire my finished canvas and had to laugh: I went with my color scheme for my blog (which ironically seems to be the color scheme of my day-to-day life) of navy, blush, white with gold accents. The whole room came together better than I expected and it was a huge relief to see that the finished product trying to mix traditional and MCM pieces could be a success! I also couldn’t wait to see Rhoda’s finished room! (Scroll to the bottom for links to the pieces I used in my design challenge!) 

feminine mid century modern living room

feminine mid century modern living room

At Home Design Challenge

It was funny to see that we picked up some of the same pieces but how our styles completely transformed the way they looked in a room. I love how cozy her room feels and it’s decorated so perfectly! I definitely have some decor tips to learn from Rhoda

feminine mid century modern living room

This opportunity to throw together a room in 2 hours really opened up my eyes to how fun it is to decorate! Maybe it’ll convince me to start covering up some of the white areas on my walls! Thank you At Home and Shanty2Chic for including me in this project, I had a blast! 

If you want to shop the new Shanty2Chic collection, head to your local At Home store to see their entire collection. My styled room is still on display at the Kennesaw Store in Georgia, if you go, snap a photo and tag me on Instagram! I’d love to hear what you think! 

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