Self Care Beauty Items We Can’t Get Enough Of

I’ll be the first to admit, a daily beauty maintenance routine is only something I recently started adapting. Throughout my teenage years, I, like many of the 90’s, scrubbed with apricot scrub every day, washed with harsh salicylic acid and then maybe applied SPF if I was purposefully spending time outside.

I thought having an extensive beauty care regimen would make me appear high-maintenance, so I resisted as long as possible. That was until I found out about the wonderful relaxing properties of a good facial and head massage. Now, I find myself slipping in self-care beauty treatments whenever I can. These are some of my favorite items to include in my monthly rotation! 

Self Care Beauty

Black Mask from Revision Skincare

I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again, Revision Skincare has to be the best products I’ve ever used on my skin. I’m addicted to the papaya enzyme cleaner and absolutely love the finishing touch facial scrub. But when I want to unwind, I like using the black mask because it goes on smooth and purifies the skin by drawing out excess impurities and sebum leaving your face feeling squeaky clean and soft. 

Best Self Care Beauty Products

Coco & Eve Hair Mask

This 5-in-1 miracle worker is worth the hype and smells delicious. I’ve never used a product that actually made my hair feel as incredibly soft afterward nor kept my curls intact without weighing them down. You really only need one wash for it to feel transformed, it’s the best hair mask I’ve found on the market. 

Best Self Care Beauty Products

Mighty Majesty Body & Hair Oil 

Anything online that says I too can have soft and luxurious hair like Middle Eastern and Indian women, I’m in. Nevermind the fact that we have completely different hair textures and types, I was intrigued by the press reviews of this breakthrough beauty brand, Ranavat Botanics, and then when I opened the package of Mighty Majesty Oil at home was struck with how beautiful the packaging was, how luxurious the smell was, and every morning when I add two pumps to smooth away my frizzy hairs, I happily apply the rest of it to my arms and legs, enjoying the rich scent of jasmine that it gives off. 

Best Self Care Beauty Products

Weezie Towels 

In the midst of all things self-care and beauty, you’re going to need a set of towels that make it feel like you’ve escaped to a hotel, which is why I love Weezie towels. These super absorbent towels are extremely soft and come with a variety of customization options. I love our new handtowels that we will be featuring in our new half bath remodel and these winky eyelash towels are perfect for wiping off the residue of your black face mask without worrying that you’ll stain the towels. 

Best Self Care Beauty Products


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