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I think in life you are categorized into two buckets: supportive or against. When it comes to vitamins and supplements, there are the nay-sayers who think it’s a bunch of pixie dust, or there are the curious supporters who are willing to try whatever wellness supplement is on the market to achieve their desired results. I would say I’m a curious supporter who regularly takes a multivitamin and has recently been ramping up my supplement usage. If they say beauty starts on the inside, then we should definitely give it all the extra boost we can when there are a huge range of great products on the market to easily adapt to your lifestyle. 

Best Vitamins 2019

I personally believe everyone should take a multi-vitamin every day. Eating a well-balanced nutrient-rich diet is extremely difficult and having a multi-vitamin is essential for filling in the “gaps” you may otherwise miss. 

Ritual Vitamins Review

Our Editors Everyday Multi-Vitamin Pick: Ritual 

I am impressed with Ritual not only because of the well thought out branding but mainly because they make a huge effort to inform their customers of what goes into their vitamins and where it comes from. From their educational social media posts to their friendly customer service, it’s a subscription vitamin service I am wholly on board with. Get $5 off your first order when you use this link to buy Ritual


Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Review

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides 

These collagen peptides are sustainably sourced and helps improve skin elasticity and maintain firm skin. We recommend taking two scoops per day, continuously. We swear we see an improvement in our nail health when we continuously take this supplement. 

Viviscal Hair Supplement Review

Viviscal Advanced Hair Health

Whenever I feel like my hair is over-stressed and burnt out, I start taking Viviscal hair supplements and almost immediately see a difference in my hair’s elasticity, strength and the quality of my hair growth. I personally think it’s the best hair vitamin on the market and it helps my thin, curly hair grow stronger and a little bit quicker. If you want more hair health tips, check out our post here

Best BCAA Vitamins

BCAA Capsules 

BCAA vitamins are essential amino acids that aren’t made by the body and must be obtained from your diet. They help with protein synthesis (or muscle recovery) and therefore aid in hair growth. Keratine, a BCAA vitamin, is one of the main component’s that makes up the hair shaft. It is thought that increasing your BCAA intake may speed up hair growth and possibly repair damaged follicles. (source) 

Love Wellness Probiotics Review


I would like to thank Jamie Lee Curtis for really setting the probiotics industry on fire after she partnered with Activia. If you’re going to take one supplement out of this list, let it be a probiotic. Having good gut health is linked to avoiding sickness, good digestion, and fight harmful bacteria. (source) 

If you haven’t started a vitamin regimen yet, I hope you can use these suggestion to lead you down the right path. As always, if you have outstanding health conditions, please talk to your doctor about vitamin recommendations as these personal choices might not be best for everyone. 

Best Vitamins 2019

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