4 Vintage Furniture Bloggers that Love Decorating with Secondhand Finds

At the young age of 7, my grandma instilled into me the thrill of the hunt. It’s not that she needed anything from a garage sale, but it was a great way to get out of the house and work on her favorite skill: negotiation. As I’ve gotten older, I too have enjoyed hunting for vintage decor and things for my home. Part of the joy of “vintage furniture” is that you can’t always link to it on Instagram since it’s essentially one of a kind. If you’re like me and you enjoy a good bargain hunt, you’re gonna love my favorite vintage furniture bloggers.

Vintage Furniture Bloggers Parlor

Source Darling Down South Grasscloth Parlor Reveal


My blog post, Grasscloth Parlor Reveal, delves into the creative world of decorating with secondhand gems, a passion shared by many vintage furniture bloggers. This post elaborates on transforming our parlor into a personal sanctuary, where each secondhand piece and new element tells its own story, blending seamlessly to create an inviting, stylish space. It’s a journey of discovery, blending heritage with modernity, and I can’t wait to share these tips and inspirations with fellow vintage furniture bloggers. Explore the full reveal and gather some stylish ideas at Darling Down South.


Vintage Furniture Bloggers Alisa

Source A Glass of Bovino


Alisa Bovino from A Glass of Bovino is like a guiding light in the vintage furniture bloggers’ world! Her latest post is like a secret map to treasure hunting on Facebook Marketplace in 2023. She expertly blends humor with practical advice, showcasing her knack for finding and styling unique secondhand pieces. Alisa’s enthusiasm for mixing vintage with contemporary decor is contagious, making her blog an essential read for those seeking to add personality and history to their homes. Her post is not just about shopping; it’s about creating a story in every corner of your space with thoughtfully chosen, pre-loved items. Dive into her engaging world of savvy secondhand shopping and decorating tips at A Glass of Bovino.


Vintage Furniture Bloggers Gwen

Source The Makerista


Gwen from The Makerista stands out in the vintage furniture bloggers’ scene, and her “Thrifted Style” post is a true gem. She has a keen eye for special secondhand finds, transforming them into exquisite home decor. Her unique approach to thrifting brings a sense of quality and personalization to each space. Her blog is not just about finding items; it’s about creating stories and atmospheres in your home, blending old and new in a stylish, seamless way. Her insights and tips are a goldmine for anyone eager to infuse their living spaces with a sense of history and personality. Gwen’s journey in thrifting is an inspiration, showcasing how each curated piece can add a distinctive flair to your decor. Explore her thrifty chic world and gather stylish ideas at The Makerista.


Vintage Furniture Bloggers Elizabeth

Source Elizabeth Cook


My friend Elizabeth is a wealth of inspiration when it comes to second hand finds! She (like me) frequents the Atlanta estate sale scene and she creates beautiful vignettes of new and old all around her house. She has great taste, whether it’s with textiles for home or your family. Not too mention she’s always introducing me to new brands- she used to run Domino PR after all, it’s in her blood! You’ll love following along as she decorates her home, and you’ll likely pick up some tips too!


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