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It’s that time of year again! 

We all give up carbs and chocolate for a week forever and start cardio bunny-ing our way into the bikini we have lying at the bottom of our wardrobes from High School saying this is going to be the year I’m going to make it fit. 

OR we are inundated with a heavy dose of reality, throw out that size XXS bikini and start researching the best Health & Fitness Blogs to get inspired to go to the gym, buy a membership to PureBarre and unload some credit card debt on a healthy investment in LuLuLemon gym wear. 

To get inspired for the week of working out I’m planning new years lifestyle change, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite bloggers who inspire my fitness goals and healthy eating goals. 

Caution: major fitspiration below. 

Best Health & Fitness Blogs

  1. Pumps & Iron: You’ve probably seen Nicole Perry’s exercises all over pinterest, she makes it SO incredibly easy for you to exercise at home, it should be illegal. One time, I did some of her exercises at home with an ottoman and some soda bottles filled with water and I was out of breath and sore for a week. Not only is she gorgeous & extremely fit, but she isn’t in it for the fame and fortune. She has minimal sponsored content, she still works as a workout instructor in Boston and posts regular content each and every day! Best Food & Health Blogs
  2. Inspiralized: You may have heard of Ali Maffucci, the creator of your favorite kitchen gadget (and healthy cookbook), who continuously shares great low carb recipes based off of veggies and clean protein. I love her recipes because even though they are a little complex and ingredient heavy, they help me get an idea of combining new flavors together to spice up my typical zoodle and fish dinner.Best Food & Health Blogs
  3.  Eat Yourself Skinny: Kelly has been populating our pinterest pages with her easy to recreate recipes since March of 2011! She’s consistently one of my go-to’s when I’m needing some inspiration of skinny meals to make for dinner. She also is great at organizing her content when it comes to finding skinny meals relating to your diet or craving for that particular meal. So if you are weight watchers, paleo, craving pork or low carb, she has something for everyone and I believe that’s what’s contributed to her success! Best Food & Health Blogs
  4. Healthful Pursuit: This youtube channel by Leanne Vogel shatters everything we once believed about high fat diets. She’s a holistic nutritionist who talks about her experiences on the ketogenic diet and why she recommends others to look into starting a high fat diet and how it can help you regulate your hormones, resotre balance to skin, hair, and nails, and how it can overall change your life for the better. Best Food & Health Blogs
  5. Tone It Up: I can’t include a a fitness round up without the girls who created a fitness cult of Tone It Up babes and made bootcamp look cute. If you’re looking for inspiration, this is where I would start. They make fitness fun and addictive! They are the girls who have it all who will help you reach your goals. I have never bought the plan, but when I need a dose of fitspiration I take a look at these girls abs and put down the chocolate and opt for a barre class instead. Best Food & Health Blogs

Not only do I have online idols who help remind me I can be the best “me” in 2016, but I’ve also got some lovely people in real life to inspire me as well like Kelly of Kale Me Kelly and Luisa of Peaches to Pearls. Kelly is a fitness fanatic! She’s so fit and works out every day doing some sort of awesome exercise class and I can always count on her to be there when I want to go use my membership to Stellar Bodies and chow down on some avocado toast afterward. 

Luisa just finished her masters in Nutrition at Georgia State and her blog is filled with a bunch of awesome tips about nutrition and the health benefits of the food you eat! Even though she eats healthy 95% of the time, I can always count on her to eat a Shake Shack burger or Biscuit with me on the weekend! 

My best piece of advice for those who are wanting to commit to a healthier self this new year is “don’t wait until the New Year to start meeting your goals.” We get hung up on making drastic changes come January 1, but what we really need is to start implementing slow changes now that will help us make a complete lifestyle change. It’s not just for three months, or a year, but consider it a lifestyle change forever.  

What are some of your Health & Fitness blogs? Would love to know in the comments below!

xo Cynthia  

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