Spring One Room Challenge Week 3: Art Glorious Art

I used to have rug commitment issues but now I have art commitment issues. In my early days of living on my own, I could have a room completely furnished (and art hung on the walls) and still be lacking a rug. I just never met a rug that spoke to me (within my budget). This is mostly the issue I have with art today. The pieces of art that speak to me are the ones that are sold out, insanely expensive or both. So I’ve set off to create my own and source reproduction prints to frame. 

Now that I’ve recently gotten into and started appreciating art, I love owning original pieces because you can see the brush strokes and feel a bit of connection to a piece of work that someone poured over. 

In high school, I loved exploring every medium of painting and drawing through art classes at school, so I feel slightly more confident than most to set off on creating my own art. As you’ve seen in these mock-ups, I love Renee Bouchon’s abstract florals so I set off to create them myself. 

For $14 in paper and some black paint, these pieces came out really convincingly good! 

I also sourced a new vintage car giclee print (from one of my favorite Etsy print shops here), and I even stumbled upon a surprising piece of art from my grandma who’s colors will work perfectly on the other side of the room. 

The final thing to do is to cover my generic wood frames in a burl veneer and hang everything on the finished walls. I cannot wait for the grasscloth from Calico Homes to get here and to paint them Frostwork by Sherwin Williams. 

That’s it for this week’s update. I’m in a waiting game until some fabric and some textiles arrive for the next step. 

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Author: Cynthia

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